• 1

    Free Plan ConsultationLet us get to know you and really understand your envisioned home or investment project.

  • 2

    Drawings, Price EstimationBased on your drawings, we estimate the minimum to maximum budget that your planned build is likely to cost.

  • 3

    Fixed Price QuotationWe want you to get value for money and expect you to make changes. This quote includes everything from the front door to the back door, and from floor to ceiling.

  • 4

    DocumentationWe’ll help you understand the specifications and plans and will issue you a contract agreement. It’s just part of the formal part of the process and is all included in your quoted price.

  • 5

    Timeline ConfirmedWe give you your exciting start date, issue the commence notice and plot the proposed finished date.

  • 6

    Insurance Warranty Certificate issuedReassurance and care throughout the entire journey are what you should expect.

  • 7

    Contracts IssuedDocumentation issued including Contract Agreement, Specifications, Plans.

  • 8

    Deposit PaidTo get things finally kicked off.

  • 9

    Commence ConstructionSee all your ideas and inspiration come to life.

What is Co-Construct’s Impact on the Hutchinson Building Experience?